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What would it be like......

to be fully engaged in living the life you have always dreamed of? 

The life you always “meant” to live? 

And how would it feel to know you have a dedicated partner in creating and maintaining this life…someone who is truly “all about you”?! 

As your Coach I will challenge you and champion you…push you and praise you and most of all help you to actually DO what you say you want to do and BE who you say you want to be. Accountability is the key to unlocking the limitless doors of possibility in your life.

Laura Coyle, CPCC

As a professionally certified (The Coaches Training Institute) Life Coach, I have the tools and 12 years of experience guiding and empowering people like you to find the courage and evidence they need to make self loving decisions and stretch themselves out of the uncomfortable "comfort zones" they have been stuck in for years. Dive into a new way of operating in your life and see what becomes possible for you!


First Professional Coach to receive a contract to  work with the Connecticut House Republicans (Spring of 2008) 

Founding member and coaching expert on the website 

One of 4 coaches chosen to do the TV pilot for a new coaching show sponsored by and

Coach of the Democratic Senate Majority Leader of the state of Vermont

In house coach for "All Life University"

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